The holiday of island Saint Anastasia

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Hundreds of people from Burgas and the country flocked to island Saint Anastasia for its holiday. It is marked on the day of the Assumption of Mary, which is also the holiday of the local church. It was a part of a monastery, which existed long ago at the same place. The celebrations began in the morning, when the Brass orchestra of Burgas welcomed the municipal ship "Anastasia" at Sea station. The ship also celebrated one year from its maiden voyage. On this occasion the "godmother" of the ship - the little Anastasia, drew out the name of one of the passengers, which had bought a ticket for the first tour of the day. The lucky man, named Petar, received a prize.

Island Saint Anastasia now has its own post stamp. It was validated at a special ceremony by the deputy mayor Yordanka Ananieva and the director of "Bulgarian posts" Deyan Dneshki.

"Such a thing is happening for the first time on an island in the 136 year history of "Bulgarian posts", explained the director.

The post mark is part of the edition "Regions of Bulgaria - Southeastern region". It is composed of four post marks with a special seal. The post stamps are a work of the painter Ivan Gazdov. The edition has a 15 000 circulation and in time it will become more valuable, because it is the first to be validated on the island.

There has been a post box on the island for nearly a year. The tourists have posted in it letters, addressed to Japan, Thailand, USA and Canada.

"I congratulate everyone with this beautiful holiday. I wish the team, which works on the island, health and professional success", said during the ceremony the deputy mayor Ananieva.

The island horo became the most emotional part of the holiday. Over 150 people danced under the rhythms of Strandja and Trakia songs performed by ensemble "Strandja". The oldest participant was an 81 year old man from Varna, who came with a whole group of friends.

15 August brought many memories back for the family Georgi and Todorka Georgievi. They are the first guides of the island. They began work in 1963 and welcomed tourists for the span of 30 years.

The visitors of the island had the rare chance to see from the inside the lighthouse and to learn its history.

The holiday continued in the night with the concert of Toni Dimitrova from 21 hours. For this event were organized extra courses of the ships "Anastasia" and "Kuk".

Video of the holiday:

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