Winners of "Grand Prix" from Saint Petersburg and the eternal "Pulcinella" from Naples tonight at stage "Ohluva"

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Tonight at open-air stage "Ohluva", in the framework of the second edition of International festival "Days of the puppets" will be presented theater plays from Saint Petersburg /Russia/ and Naples /Italy/.

From 19.00 hours on the stage the public will see the start duo of Andrai Knyazkov and Aleksey Melnik from theater Chemodan-duet "KVAM", Saint Petersburg, Russia. Their puppet speciality is "Game for 4 hands, or how from nothing to make everything". In this eccentric and very funny show, the public will witness how out of "nothing" can be born an exciting little world. Because the two masters of the puppet theater make wonders with their hands - puppet miniatures, illusions, tricks. The spectators will enjoy the inventive scenography, the interesting tricks and the incredible dynamics.

The play is made by two actors and three suitcases; it has been presented in festivals in 25 countries. The actors are winners of the prize Grand Prix from the 4th international festival of laughter in Casablanca and many more awards for the exceptional skills.

Right after that, at open-air stage "Ohluva" the adventures of Pulcinella will come to life. The eternal characters of the comedia dell'arte - Pulcinella, the policeman, the girl-friend and the rabid dog, get mixed up in very funny, ironical situations to transform the show into a real enjoyment for spectators of all ages.

The staging, scenography, puppets and performance are by Gianluca Di Matteo.

The flamboyant puppeteering, the specific gestures and the rhythm are the core of this type of theater. Gianluca Di Matteo has travelled around the world with the show "The adventures of Pulcinella" for more than a decade.

It has taken part in more than 80 festivals and tours. It is interesting that Gianluca has made the puppets for the show himself. He is very good in the speaking technique, which gives the peculiar for Pulcinella duck voice.

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