Treasures from the old chests in the Sea casino

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Old beautiful Bulgarian ornaments become story tellers about the life of the Bulgarians in the past centuries. These ornaments are part of the exhibition "Treasures from the old chest", which will be opened on 13 August from 18:30 hours in hall "Al. G. Kodjakafaliyata" in the Se casino and will remain there until 30 September. The exhibition is organized by Municipality Burgas, Regional history museum Burgas and Regional ethnographic museum Plovdiv.

The exhibits are gathered from the whole Bulgarian ethnic territory and are connected mainly with the period of Bulgarian revival (XVIII - the start of XX century). Different types of women's ornaments have been picked out - earrings, chinstraps, necklaces, plastrons, broches, medallions, amulets, buckles, bracelets and more.

The exhibits are made from silver and gold with different techniques - forging, casting and filigree. The rich decoration of the items also shows many details about the social status and life of their owners.

The exhibition shows not only the beauty of the adornments, but also their role as means to protect oneself from evil influences. The magic gestures are coded in the position of the adornment on the body - the plastrons protect the heart and the mother's milk, the belts are like watchful eyes, which protect the womb of the woman, and secure the continuation of the family line and so on.

The exhibition will be open to the public every day from Monday to Sunday.

Ticket prices:

Adults - 5 leva

Students - 2 leva

Pensioners - 2 leva

Children under 7 and people with disabilities - free

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