Atanasovsko lake celebrates its "birthday" on Wednesday

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Bulgarian foundation Biodiversity and Regional inspection of environment and waters Burgas organize a special holiday on occasion the 35th "birthday" of reserve Atanasovsko lake.

All are invited to join the holiday "Birds, knot works and hammocks, by setting off with a bicycle, roller-skates or scooters at 17.30 from the Sea casino or arriving directly at 18.00 at the Birdwatching shelter (the exit of Burgas near gas station "Lukoil").

What will we celebrate?

Atanasovsko ezero is declared a reserve on 12 August 1980, in order to preserve the birds of the salt lake. Today, 35 years later, this special day will be marked together with the proprietor of the reserve - Regional inspection of environment and waters Burgas, and the NGO, which at the moment is carrying out a big conservation project in the lake - Bulgarian foundation Biodiversity.

Why do we need to celebrate?

Because Atanasovsko lake is a place with national and European significance, where are found 333 species of birds from all 420 in Bulgaria and nest over 120, a big part of which are protected and included in the Red book. Here is located one of the few preserved lagoons in Bulgaria, in which a big diversity of species live - invertebrates, fishes, plants.

How will we celebrate?

Active - anyone, who wishes can participate in the workshops for knitting with osier. The local master Stanko Kirov from Balgarovo will teach enthusiasts how to make screens, and place them on the path of the birds and to limit inconvenience for the birds from future visitors.

Passive - by watching birds or relaxing at the hammocks in the zone among the trees in front of the shelter.

As every birthday there will be a cake, so come and join the holiday.

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