Sculptures of birds and the exhibition "symBiotic" are guests of the "Flora"

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Three sculptures of birds - tern, pied avocet and black-winged stilt of the painters from Burgas Dobrin Vatev, Ognyan Petkov and Atanas Stoyanov will be shown today (August 5) in expo center "Flora".

At the same time in hall 5 of the "Flora" will be presented an interactive exhibition about Atanasovsko lake "symBiotic", which returns in our city after its tour in Ruse, Plovdiv and Varna, and before heading off to Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo and other places. 

Every night after 17:00 hours the exhibition can be seen for free, and young and old can have some fun time with the salt constructor and the adventures of the migrating stork Gustav. The team of BFB did not choose the month of August by chance, to present the exhibition again in the City of Atanasovsko Lake, when residents can present with pride to their guests one different face of Burgas - the city of lakes and birds. The exhibition is unique and presents all the interesting things about the most bird rich place in the country and reveals the visible and invisible connections, which sustain the fragile balance of this ecosystem.

The exhibition and the sculptures can be seen until August 22, when the birds will "fly off" to the place where they usually live - the area of Atanasovsko lake and will become a part of the Pathway of the pied avocet, which is being built near the enclosure for bird watching in the framework of the project "Salt of life", LIFE+, which BFB is realizing.

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