The only payment method on SPIRIT of Burgas will be the festival card

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The festival card will be the only means for paying the in framework of the festival SPIRIT of Burgas. The cards are noncontact and can be charged, checked for amount of cash and to restore sums from them at any time, as well as to 1 hour after the end of the festival on 09.08! The card is valid only in the framework of the festival and after that it stays for the client.



The main stations for festival cards will be right after the checking zone, but there will also be stations on the beach.



When receiving a festival card the customer pays 1 leva tax for the service.

When recharging the same card there is no tax involved.



The minimal sum for the initial charge is 20 leva, and the maximum 200. After that the charges do not have limits.

Important! With each charge, the client receives a receipt for the sum of the charge and the total balance at the moment. The receipt should be kept, because it contains the number of the card and in case of a problem with the chip (not working), the money can be transferred to a new card.


Check for amount of cash

The client can check the balance at all terminals, located in the bars of the festival; the display shows the balance of the card. When purchasing products from the bar a receipt is not given, but the sum that is taken from the card in shown.


Withdraw of the remaining sum

The unused sum can be withdrawn from the stations of the festival cards at any time, as well as up to an hour after the end of the festival on 09.08. (Sunday morning).


1 card for all

One card can be used by several people. If you are a big party, you can charge 1 card and purchase things with it.

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