In the year of Atanasovsko lake, for the third time will be held "The Festival of salt"

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For a third consecutive year, in the month full of festivals - August will be held another special event - "The Festival of salt". As each time, in the last Friday of August, in the southern end of the Atanasovsko lake will be invited the connoisseurs of salt amusements - bathing in lye and coating the body with mud, participating in different art challenges, dance improvisations, music and lots of emotions.

This year the salt train will ease the access to the different parts of the Festival - a warehouse to the south, the kid's playground and workshops in the middle, the basins with lye and mud to the north.

We picked the festival's topic for this year to be "Symbiosis", influenced by the effect of the travelling exhibition of Atanasovsko lake "symBiotic" and of the invisible for the eye network of complex interrelations, connections and processes in the Atanasovsko lake.

For this how the man is related to the lake, is there harmony and reciprocity in their relations and what the benefits are for the people and the nature are only a part of the questions, which will be discussed during the Festival.

In the rich festival program expect dance improvisation in the mud by Ana Salasar, the exhibition Animalia, kid's workshops for kaleidoscopes, colorful salt, games, constructor and puzzle, body art with mud, a salt market, salt-worker for one day, art workshop for frameworks and many more.

We expect you on 28 August 2015 (Friday) from 16.00 to 22.00 hours in the southern end of Atanasovsko lake near the administration of the salt-works (by the sea).

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