The live exposition of butterflies in the Natural science museum is a real adventure - you should visit it!

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Аn impressive “live exhibition” of tropical butterflies and one exciting exotic adventure. These are the definitions of the mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov regarding the live exposition ot exotic butterflies, after he visited the attractive event presenting colorful butterflies from the tropics.

Anyone can see the unique exposition every day from 10:00 to 19:00 hours.

Among the exotic beauties are blue morpho, owl butterfly and dried leaf. In their company are also the butterfly with "glass" wings, the African Luna butterfly, the emerald sparrow tail, the wooden nymph and one of the representatives of the biggest butterfly family Atlas.

“Most of them have already opened their tender wings in the museum’s garden, and 20 of them are still in the form of cocoons “, explained Svetla Dalakchieva – curator of the Natural science museum. She reminded that people can make a wish, if some colorful butterfly lands on him or her, while examining the exposition.

The tropical butterflies come from three different continents – South America, Africa and Asia. They will entertain visitors of the Natural science museum around a month and a half. This year the hall has been professionally furnished with garden equipment and plants.

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