"Sauvignon blanc" is the accent of the Festival of the wine in Burgas

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David Cobbold - a leading French/British wine journalist and expert, will lead a masters class on topic "Sauvignon blanc" in the frameworks of the Festival of the wine in Burgas. The study will be held on 30 July from 10.30 hours in expo center "Flora". "Sauvignon blanc" wines from South Africa, Austria, Chille, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Italy, New Zeeland and Bulgaria will be presented.

David Cobbold is a British, who in 1973 moves to France. From 1983, in the course of 15 years he worked as a wine trader. During the last 18 years he owns a business as a writer and wine journalist, as well as a lector and teacher on wine topics for professionals and connoisseurs through the Paris wine academy and the wine clubs.

Except the articles, which he publishes in different specialized publications in France, Canada, Great Britain, Japan and India, he also is a co-author of more than 20 books about wine. He was chief editor of 3 magazines: "Flavours from France", "The wine Review of France" and the English version of "La Revue du Vin". During the last 10 years he has a series of radio and TV participations in specialized programs. 5 years ago he became co-founder of a French site, dedicated to wine, for which he writes regularly (www.eccevino.com). He is a regular blogger on wine and other topics on his blog "More than just wine" and of the collective wine blog "Les 5 du vin".

As one of the world experts in degustation of wine and more specifically of "Sauvignon blanc", he is a member of the jury of Concours Mondial du Sauvignon:




More about the festival:




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