Kasabian will welcome the sunrise on the beach in Burgas

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The British band Kasabian, which will be headliner of the second festival night, has canceled its hotel reservation for 8 August and has asked for a huge caravan, which should be parked near the camp site of the festival. Tom Meighan and company want to stay in the festival zone after the end of the show, to have fun with their friends Leroy Small (DJ SS) and Danny Byrd, who take over the main stage after Kasabian, as a part of The World of Drum and Bass. The caravan must be well-stocked with energy drinks, lots of beer, various foods and must have a microwave oven.

The organizers reveal, that the Brits are very excited that they will perform on the sea shore and ask about the weather, the temperature of the water, at what time the sun rises, is the beach a guarded zone or is the swimming free for all.

"We rarely have the chance to sing at festivals, where the sea is meters away. I think take the maximum out of this, which Bulgaria offers and even welcome the sunrise there. Everybody is saying, that is beautiful", said Sergio. On the next night Kasabian will need to be in Romania, where they will take part in a smaller festival.

VIP tickets for the second day are almost sold out and in the sales network will remain only standard tickets at the price of 60 leva. The tickets for the whole festival SPIRIT of Burgas with headliners Robbie Williams (7 August) and Kasabian (8 August) are at the price of 180 leva.

Tickets can be bought from the network of Eventim.bg in the whole country - OMV, EasyPay, Piccadilly, Technomarket, Technopolis, NA TAMNO, ticket center NDK. In sale are also tickets for Golden Circle (only for 7 August) and VIP stands with seats.

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