Tropical butterflies fly in the Natural science museum

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Live tropical butterflies are flying again in the hall of the Natural science museum in Burgas. They arrived a day ago in cocoon phase, and today, 24.07. the first of them already spread their colorful wings in the museum garden of str. "K. Fotinov" 30.

Nearly 90 cocoons from 9 species will entertain this summer the visitors of the museum "tropical garden". This year the hall is professionally arranged with gardening equipment and plants given by Praktiker Burgas and Burgascvet-90-Tanev EOOD.

Among the exotic beauties are the favorites of last year - blue morpho, owl butterfly and dried leaf. In their company are also the butterfly with "glass" wings, the African Luna butterfly, the emerald sparrow tail, the wooden nymph and one of the representatives of the biggest butterfly family Atlas.

The tropical butterflies come from different continents - South America, Africa and Asia. They will entertain the visitors of the Natural science museum only for a month and a half. Why? This will learn the curious visitors on place, from the information panels and materials.

The Natural science museum works with lengthened working time - every day from 10:00 to 19:00 hours.

And something interesting. The butterflies have fascinated people since ancient times. Not by chance, they have been portrayed in Egyptian tombs 3500 years old. They are a part of the huge group of insects. The scientists put them in order Lepidoptera. The name Lepidoptera comes from the Greek "lepidos" - flake and "pteros" - wing. When looking at the wing through a magnifying glass it looks like a mosaic, made by lots of flakes with different form and color. In the world have been recorded over 250 000 types, and in Bulgaria their number is around 3700. In general they are divided in day (around 215 types in Bulgaria) and night butterflies and moths (around 3500 types).

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