In the sports weekend: rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, water polo, underwater fishing, surf and paragliding

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This weekend Burgas is again the sports center of Bulgaria. Six competitions of different scale will be held. It is not by chance that Burgas is European city of sports 2015. Here is the program:

1. Today / Friday/ in sports hall "Mladost" starts the rhythmic gymnastics competition "Sea graces". Athletes from 15 will participate in the event. The tournament of the elite women gymnasts will continue on Saturday. Taking part in the tournament is Maria Mateva from Burgas, who is N1 in Bulgaria at the moment.

2. From today until Sunday swimming pool "Flora" will welcome water polo players from 5 teams /2 teams from Georgia, 2 from Bulgaria and 1 from Macedonia/. They will compete for "Cup Burgas". Start of the event is at 17:30, today. On Saturday the matches will be from 10:00 and 17:30 hours. The last matches are on Sunday from 10:00 and 16:00 hours.

3. Kite surf regatta "Chernomorets" will be held in the two weekend days at the beach.

4. International swimming tournament "Cup Burgas" will gather at the covered 25-meter pool in housing complex "Meden rudnik" talents from 6 countries. The official opening is on Saturday from 9:15 hours. For the swimming holiday in Burgas will come the Olympic champion from Seoul Tanya Bogomilova - general secretary of Bulgarian swimming federation.

5. The third edition of the international paragliding tournament - accurate landing, will be held on Saturday and Sunday. The official opening is tomorrow at 10:00 hours at open-air stage "Ohluva". The paragliders will start taking off around 12:00 from the platform near the Sea casino. In the event will take part representatives of Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

6. Best Bulgarian underwater fishermen will compete for the first places of the tournament for cup "Gencho Pavlov". The start of the 5-hour competition is on Saturday around 10:00. The event will happen in the waters of Burgas bay from cape Foros to cape Bivolite, including island St. Anastasia. The competition is a round for the tournament for cup Bulgaria.

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