A colored chronicle of "Burgas and the sea" will be presented

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"Burgas and the sea" - musical documents of the photographer Mitko Dimitrov" is the title of the photo exhibition, which will be unveiled on 27 July from 18:00 hours in hall "Georgi Baev" in Cultural center "Sea casino". It is devoted to the 50th anniversary from the first edition of the festival for popular music. In the days past it was known under the name "Songs for Burgas, the sea and his working people". But no matter how during the years the title, status and participants change, the Burgas public remains true to its festival, as well as to its melodic accents and to its favorite Bulgarian performers.

The photo reporter Mitko Dimitrov is one of the biggest fans of "Burgas and the sea". His pictures are an original multicolor chronicle of the festival.

"Every photo is not only a musical document; it is a living memory, of those who we will continue to see for a long time, as well as for those, who are already in a better world. On the stage of the Summer theater have performed and will continue to perform the most popular singers of the Bulgarian pop music scene and it - the unique Burgas public - has applauded them and will continue to reward with ovations those, who give their all on stage", said the master of the lens, who has transformed the documenting of the pop music chronicles in our city into his creative mission. 

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