The archaeological season in Kraymorie has begun

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Teams of Regional History Museum Burgas with director Milen Nikolov resumed the archeological research of the found in 2013 rich Roman villa, located on the western shore of Foros peninsula near the district of Burgas Kraimorie. This summer the efforts of the archeologists will be focused on widening the perimeter around the main part of the building, in order to understand the whole architectural plan of the villa.

The Roman building is part of the big archeological complex of the stronghold Poros, including the stronghold’s wall, the living quarters, administrative and port buildings, a basilica and necropolis.

As a result of the archeological digs, carried out in the previous years, it was deducted, that the Roman villa was built during the first half of the III century. Until now 4 premises have been discovered, all of them with a hypocaust – antique heating installation under the floor of the building.

The archeologists are convinced that the Roman villa was exceptionally luxurious for its time. Proof of this are the uncovered marble slabs and frameworks of windows in different formats, as well as the remains of a fine outer putty, the so called “Pompeii red” – the color, with which were covered the buildings of the rich in the Roman city of Pompeii.

In 2015 the archeological research on peninsula Foros are financed completely by Municipality Burgas.

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