Paragliding competition during the weekend

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On Saturday and Sunday the sky over Burgas will be filled with flying people. This weekend will be held the third edition of International paragliding tournament - accurate landing. Organizers are Club for Paragliding Burgas and Municipality Burgas.

The tournament will bring 50 experienced fliers from Slovenia, Romania, Macedonia and Bulgaria to Burgas. Expect the representatives of Burgas, the national pride will be defended also by the paragliders from Pernik, who are N1 in this sport in Bulgaria.

As it is understood from the name of the discipline - "accurate landing", the goal of the tournament is to fly from one place and land at a specific place, marked with a bull's eye, for the shortest time possible. This is a sport, suitable even for bigger people, because, once you are off the ground, the heavier weight helps for a better balance and more accurate landing.

In Burgas the paragliders will start taking off at 10:00 hours on Saturday, after the official opening ceremony at open-air stage "Ohluva". They will start of the platform of the Sea casino. The landing area/bull's eye will be down on the beach, near the restaurant "Sevastopol". One of the most suitable places for observation of the competition is the alley under the Summer theater, because it is located below the Casino, but higher that the coast line.

There will be DJ, music and a raffle with prizes at the landing spot. The event will be great - do not miss it!

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