The "Slaveikovo pazarche" market will be expanded and modernized

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Reconstruction and modernization works have started on the "Slaveikovo pazarche" market, located in the city center area. The market has a unique appearance and is very popular, but it is not new and in some places the wear and tear can be seen easily. The wish of Municipality Burgas is to transform it into an even more attractive for the client place and to expand its market space. New closed spaces will be built and the whole complex will be freshened. In order to keep its authentic vibe, wooden materials will be used mainly in the reconstruction works.

There is one more reason for the ecological stylistics of the reconstruction. During these last months the market strengthened its position as a Farmer's market for bio production. In these days lots of people read carefully the labels on the food products, and are interested in their contents and origin, and they are careful about what they consume and keep a healthy lifestyle. Exactly regarding this matter Municipality Burgas wants to impose the "Slaveikovo pazarche" market as one great meeting place for this type of clients with the Burgas/Bulgarian producers.

The time limit for finishing the reconstruction works is the end of September 2015. 

Последна промяна: 14:07, 20 July 2015