Movies from Portugal this weekend at the "Ohluva"

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The week of Portugal in Burgas offers to movie fans interesting titles. On 18 July, Saturday, from 21:00 hours at open-air stage "Ohluva" is the projection of the movie "The Great Kilapy" of the director Zeze Gamboa. The protagonist Joazinho is a young Angolan, heir to a wealthy family from the colony period. He only wants to live his life, to go out with women, to have fun with friends and spend lots of money. While draining funds from the Angolan national bank and handing them to friends, fighters for freedom, Joazinho is arrested. When he gets out of prison, he is declared by society a hero.

"The consul of Bordeaux" of the directors João Correa and Francisco Manso is the second movie, which will be shown during the Week of Portugal. The projection is on 19 July, Sunday, at the "Ohluva" from 21:00 hours. "The consul of Bordeaux" takes back the audience in the years of the Second World War. With the invasion of the Nazi army in France tens of thousands refugees gathered at the Portugal embassy in Bordeaux with the hope to receive visas for Portugal. Obliged to respect the ban of Salazar for giving visas to Jews refugees, the consul Sousa Mendes experiences a tough dilemma: to give visas, putting at risk his diplomatic career and his family, or to condemn tens of thousands to extermination in the concentration camps.

The movies are with free entry.

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