Top saxophonists mix up a jazz cocktail in the Flora

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The saxophonists Matt Marantz from the USA, Katharina Thomsen and Andre Cimiotti from Germany, as well as the American guitarist Alex Goodman are part of the musicians, which will mix up a summer jazz cocktail at the open-air stage in the "Flora". This will happen in the last night of the festival "Jazz in Burgas" - 4 August from 19:00 hours. Together with them on stage will perform the quartet Stoyan Yankulov, Vladimir Karparov, Georgi Georgiev and Dimitar Dimitrov. The same night with the project V & the Groove Machines will entertain us Vesela Boneva, Toni Zlatanov, Radoslav Slavchev and Emil Pehlivanov.

Start of the event will give the musicians of "Burgas Big Band", with conductor Hristo Kojuharov, exactly at 16:00 hours.

Amidst the unique atmosphere of the expo center "Flora Burgas" the fans of the stylish music experienced three days of jazz emotions and inspiration. Hundreds of residents and guests of Burgas enjoyed the live performances of Sabin Todorov, family Donchevi, "BraZZ VilliDJ", Vasil Spasov and Teodosiy Spasov.


*Tickets for the concert can be found in the network of Eventim, and the cash-desks of expo center "Flora Burgas", Festival of the sand sculptures, Drama theater "Adriana Budevska" and State Opera Burgas.

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