Portugal comes to Burgas

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The Portugal week in Burgas will be held from 18 to 24 July. It will present a panorama of the diversity and richness of the Portugal art, as well as originality of the fiery rhythms in the dances of the biggest Latin American county - Brazil. There the Portuguese language and the influence of the European cultural values are developing and organically are entering in the symbiosis of the multitude of the ethno cultures. The movie program includes projections of Portuguese cinema at open-air stage "Ohluva" from 21.00 hours:

"Quarta Divisão" - 2013, thriller, director: Joaquim Leitão. "The consul of Bordeaux" - 2011, historical, director:  João Correa and Francisco Manso. "Florbela" - 2012, biographical, director:  Vicente Alves do Ó. "What's New About Love?" - 2011, drama, director:  Tiago Nunes and Monica Santana. "The great Kilapy" - 2012, director:  Zeze Gamboa.

Brazilian dances are also on open-air stage "Ohluva" from 18.30 and will be presented in a workshop for samba, funk and koko by Aleksandrina Dimitrova. The dances will be: Brazilian funk (much different than the American), with an easy rhythm and moves; koko - folklore dance from state Pernambuco (northeastern Brazil), created by the Africans, who worked in the coconut plantations. With a very characteristic for the whole region rhythm, it was performed on big holidays, as well as on normal days without occasion. The dancers form a circle; age and gender do not matter. Samba - in the folklore diversity, this is performed as a part of the ritual in capoeira - a couple outplaing in the center of a circle of participants. Along with the dances we will get accustomed to the mentality of one nation, reflected in its folklore! From 20.07. - 24.07.2015 you will be able to see the exhibition "History of the Portuguese cinema" - in CC "Sea casino", hall "Petya Dubarova". The opening will be on 20.07 from 18.00 hours with the special presence of Mister Franciscu Nazaret - director of Portuguese cultural center in Sofia.

On 23.07. there will be a free reading of Portuguese literature in the summer reading-room of expo center "Flora" from 17.00 to 19.00 hours. Residents and guests of the city will have the chance to read: the lyrics of Pedru Tamen and Fernandu Pessoa; haiku of Casimiro de Brito and Vergilio Alberto Vieira and novels of Mario de Carvalho and Augusto Abelaira. The will get to know the literature critics of Petar Petrov - "The realism in the fiction of Jose Cardoso Pires and Ruben Fonseca". All the books have been given freely by the Portuguese cultural center. There will be a lottery, in which the lucky people will win books.

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