Photo exhibition presents the invisible

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The young photographer Stefan Dimitrov presents in his native Burgas his exhibition "Useshtane" /Feeling/. The exhibition presents one more extraordinary view over the way of perception of the surrounding world. Through the lens Stefan transforms ordinary items from everyday life into codes, which re-create the communication between people.

The photographs take the public beyond sensory realm and give them an opportunity to get in touch with the art in a new, extraordinary way. One of his works in the exhibition, called "Touch", won the author a second prize in a prestigious contemporary art competition. It is a work that creates a specific parallel between the different worlds of communication; its name symbolizes the touch to the art, which often remains hidden for the people, perceiving the world through the prism of contact. The photograph was part of the traveling exhibition, which reached to the Bulgarian cultural center in Paris.

"Feeling" is the first independent exhibition of the young talented photographer. It is realized with the support of Municipality Burgas. Stefan Dimitrov is born in Burgas. He has graduated in acting, and at the moment defending a master's degree in photography in New Bulgarian University. With his work he does not aim to show the world, but to express himself. Stefan uses the equipment and his imagination, to create mental constructs, which through the photography delivers to the public and makes it a participant in the creative process, and in the attaining of the final effect.

The exhibition of Stefan Dimitrov is a fresh emotional and intellectual challenge - with its specific esthetics and message of the works, as well as the provocation, directed towards the individual perception of the world and imagination. All who want to experience the art of the young author can do it from 15 July to 1 August in Cultural center "Sea casino", hall "Hristo Fotev". The exhibition will be opened on 15 July, Wednesday, from 19.30 hours.

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