W.A.S.P. Will Come in Burgas on the 4th of August

The legendary among fans of the hard music band W.A.S.P. will have concert in Burgas on the 4th of August this year. This was confirmed by the organizers from M.E. Music. The band will play on the stage of Open Air Theater at 19.00 o'clock.

Burgas island ``Saint Anastasia`` already has a manager.

Burgas island ``Saint Anastasia`` already has a manager. His name is Pavlin Dimitrov. The 32-year-old man is from Burgas and he was selected among 260 candidates for position which is one of its kinds in the country.

Perfect knowledge of English, German and Russian, appropriate education, which he received at the Burgas` College of Tourism and International Economic Relations in Veliko Tarnovo; its many and varied ideas were the factors that tipped the scales in his favor during the last stage of the contest.

Pavlin Dimitrov has a significant experience in the tourism sector at all levels - from the receptionist to the hotel manager. He was a representative of one of the biggest foreign tour operators.

A Striking Dose of Rock With "Hot Sand"

Do not miss the next meeting with "Hot Sand" on Wednesday / February 05 / at 18.00 in the CC " Sea Casino". Then the Burgas` group will challenge its fans again with a strong dose of music and one of the most beloved of all time rock ballads.

The Acoustic Meetings with "Hot Sand" Continue

The meetings of Burgas audience with "Hot Sand" continue during the new year within the musical project "Acoustic". The first concert for 2014 year will be held on the 13th of January at 18.00 o'clock in Cultural Center "Sea Casino".