Photographers from Burgas present Annual exhibition for the 7th time

The authors from "Burgas photographer's community" will arranged again Annual exhibition supported by Burgas Municipality. It is dedicated to the city's holiday - 6th of December, St. Nicholas Day and it is traditional for the cultural life of Burgas.

New donation to Burgas Museum

The Regional history museum in Burgas has received second donation for the week during donation campaign. A bank donated 5 computers to the museum. They will be used in the everyday work of the specialists in the museums and as weel for educational activities in the 4 museum exhibitions - for screening of documentaries, presentations.

Christmas Burgas will shine in few days

Christmas atmosphere will conquer Burgas very soon, although there is more than 1 month to the celebration. Workers have already installed the Christmas decorations on "Aleksandrovska" street, which will shine on the cold nights. 

New and modern dance spectacle will be shown on stage in Burgas

Dance art will be shown again on the stage of NHK in Burgas. The modern spectacle "I WISH" will be performed on the 13th and 19th of November at 19.30. The event is realized with the support of Burgas Municipality under the Program for cofunding cultural projects within the project "Dance theatre in Burgas".