Black Sea on children's drawings

Kids from 23 Burgas kindergartens participated in plainer on theme "I paint Black Sea", dedicated on the 31st of October - the international day of Black Sea. 

"The Roosters" Won Another Thatre award

Dance formation "The Roosters" won the special award in Sevlievo Municipality in the city's festival "The Wizard Theatre".

The award was for the musicle "Sing and dance not to cry", directed by Simeon Dimitrov and choreography by Petya Stoykov.

Sergey Bubka launches the project "Arena Burgas"

The emblem of the world sport Sergey Bubka arrive in Burgas at the invitation of the mayor Dimitar Nikolov and Bulgarian federation in athletics. He will come on Monday /20th of October/ to launch the project "Arena Burgas".