"Magic Tuscany" Charmed Summer Burgas

Hundreds of fans of Italian music cheered and sang along with the participants in the music spectacle "Magic Tuscany" near the fountain in the Sea Garden yestarday.


Scala Mercalli and Analgin Heat the Show of W.A.S.P

A few days left until the concert of the rock legends W.A.S.P. in Bulgaria. The unique show will be held on the 4th of August in Open Air Theatre. This concert is a part of the great world tour "Thirty Years of Thunder" which marks the 30th anniversary of the band.


Virtual Walko to Armenia

Tomorrow /15th of July/, at 18.30, citizens and guests of Burgas wil be able to visit photo exhibition "Armenia - ancient and modern", which is in Burgas for the first time in Cultural Centre "Sea Casino", "Petya Dubarova" hall.

Exhibition "Stories of straw " Opens Days of Tuscany in Burgas

Unusual exhibition of hats, titiled "Stories of straw" will open the 2nd edition of Days of Tuscany in Burgas on the 15th of July. The event is organized by Burgas Municipality and Friendship between Bulgaria and Italy association.