Дългоочакваната екранизация на „Записките“ на Захарий Стоянов, „Записки по едно предателство“ на Георги Дюлгеров, тръгва по кината от 29 септември

Екранизацията на историята за предателството и убийството на Георги Бенковски от „Записки по българските въстания“ на Захарий Стоянов тръгва по кината в цялата страна с настъпването на 80-годишнината на режисьора си, проф. Георги Дюлгеров.


Mussel weekend from June 9 to 11 presents the most delicious Burgas delights

And this year, the themed weekends from the event calendar of the Municipality of Burgas will offer temptations for seafood lovers. The traditional Midsummer weekend is on the horizon - from June 9 (Friday) to June 11 (Sunday). You can't be at sea and not try one of the great recipes that Burgas restaurants will offer to the residents and guests of the city. They have decided to organize a real mussel fiesta, and among the recipes there will be Mussels on sailors with devesil, butter and white wine, Crazy Mussels, Mussels Provence and many others.

Here are the Burgas restaurants that will be part of the initiative:

An alternative event within the thematic weekend is organized by the Natural History Museum - Burgas. On June 10 (Saturday), from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., a children's science workshop will be held to introduce mussels and snails that inhabit the Black Sea. Children will see these important aquatic creatures and learn interesting facts about their biology. After that, each of them will create their own scientific collection of shells. With the help of museum experts, they will be able to identify and label them themselves, just like in a real collection. The entrance ticket for children is BGN 5