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MaKaSa Organic Shop | Aromatherapy and Essential Oils | Natural cosmetics

MaKaSa is a shop for everyone who loves natural and organic cosmetics, aromatherapy and the way of life that brings us back to the natural rhythms in nature.

Store for everyone in love with aromatherapy, essential oils. For anyone who is now entering this rich fragrant and magical world.

Shop for anyone who wants to take a break from conventional cosmetics.

A shop for your family, a shop to show your friends, a shop where you can take your parents and children, the place where you always find a gift, the shop where you will always be greeted with a smile.

For us, pure and natural ingredients are the best you can give your body - for energy, beauty and inspiration.
Ordering from us is a pleasure because:

    Personal attitude is paramount in our work with you.
    We appreciate the feedback we receive.
    We offer quality natural and organic products.
    We do not offer brands that we or our relatives have not personally tested.
    The cosmetics we use are the ones we offer to you.
    We have selected aromatherapy products - essential oils and diffusers, with which to meet the requirements of each client.
    We offer products of proven Bulgarian manufacturers, as well as established manufacturers from around the world.

In our store you will find a variety of products for face, hair, body, home cosmetics, aromatherapy products, essential oils.

MaKaSa is an official representative of the brand Primavera Life for Bulgarian market.

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Burgas, 22 Aleko Bogoridi str
Coordinats : 42.49377441, 27.47492599
MaKaSa | Aromateraphy and organic cosmetics

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Phone: +359 893770988
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