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Whether you are planning a trip to Bulgaria for business or pleasure and you need to rent a car, EXPERTAUTO Bulgaria will dream come true with outstanding service and exotic cars at affordable prices. You can choose from a wide range of vehicles suitable for all types of terrain, from vans, sports and luxury cars and 4 seater convertible. Whether you have a long list of exciting places to visit, or just prefer the flexibility of driving by car to get to your destination in Bulgaria. EXPERTAUTO it is the ideal choice for you. With EXPERTAUTO can travel wherever you want without restrictions in distances, so to stay completely satisfied with our services. Convertible rental from EXPERTAUTO is a great way to navigate and explore those parts of Bulgaria, who are far from large urban areas. Nature lovers can rent our luxurious and beautiful Convertible with which to experience the pleasure of caressing hair wind and snag sun appearing in the mountainous areas of Bulgaria.

Price from 60leva per day.

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Expert auto - car rentals

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