"Maxon" Real Estate Agency


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Maxon Real Estate Agency has been successfully developing its business with Bulgarian and foreign clients for more than 12 years. During this time we have built strong partnerships with many construction contractors in the capital and on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and helped hundreds of clients from around the world to find their new home in Bulgaria.

With our many years of experience and individual attitude to each client, we can offer you many real estate properties that will be suitable for you personally. Contact us and we will provide you with:

  • Free consultation
  • Selection of suitable properties
  • Individual broker
  • Meeting with builders / investors
  • Transport to the selected properties
  • Tour of the property area
  • Consultation with a lawyer

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Coordinats : 42.49366379, 27.47241592
"Maxon" Real Estate Agency

Contact us

Website: maxon.bg/
E-mail: morskidom@gmail.com
Phone: +359 878688776
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