MHAT "Burgasmed"

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"Burgasmed" is part of a chain of medical institutions operating on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The medical center is the - largest health institution established with private investment in Burgas.

Hospital "Burgasmed" has 15 wards, and there are 2 clinical diagnostic laboratories on the territory of the medical center:

-Clinical Laboratory;
-Laboratory for transfusion hematology.
The hospital has a total capacity of 238 beds in single rooms with one, two or three beds. Hundreds of operations are performed annually in the seven operating rooms of the hospital.

Leading specialists and professionally selected specialized teams practice in the hospital, which guarantee high quality and competence of medical care.

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Burgas, "Meden rudnik" quarter, zone A
Coordinats : 42.46383286, 27.42060089
MHAT "Burgasmed"

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Phone: +359 56 999 980
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