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APOLLO is a tour operator with a long history, during which we have organized hundreds of tours on 4 continents. Our philosophy is to create a variety of programs for travelers looking for popular but little-known destinations and wanting to discover and experience them in comfort and security.   APOLLO offers first-class organization and personal attitude to every tourist without compromising on the quality of the offered hotels and services. Our mission is to make your journey with us the journey of life, to give more than we promised and to make it a necessity and a way of life!
Our programs are designed to show the most interesting of any destination, give the tourist maximum information, touch it to the local lifestyle and culture. Our goal is always to give a different look to the tourist destination, so over the years we have created 3 different brands targeting clients with different interests and opportunities.   Over 55% of APOLLO's customers have traveled with us more than 3 times, and for 23% we are the main provider of all types of travel services.
We offer:
- organized and individual excursions and breaks
- hotel accommodation
- insurance
- airplane tickets on scheduled and charter flights
- visa services

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Travel agent Apollo-2000 ltd

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