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Cool Travel Bulgaria is an agency that organizes youth and student programs. It is founded in November 2008 as a partner of one of the largest U.S. agencies for cultural exchange. Currently a partner of more than 20 organizations and companies worldwide, the agency offers a variety of programs available for everyone: the world famous youth cultural exchange program for students Work and Travel USA, Work and Travel Spain; Internships in Europe and the USA, Language courses worldwide. The Agency is pleased to present the Education Abroad program. Cool Travel Bulgaria also offers services as Tax Refund USA, UK, plane tickets and all types of insurance. Partner of ISIC Bulgaria, we issue the international student discount cards ISIC.
Cool Travel is an agency that relies on the quality of the services it provides. To work optimally organized and in favor of the customers is the key to our success. This gives us the impetus to new ideas, a new wave of enthusiasm and greater mobility. Due to the ongoing dialogue we are having with our clients, they feel secure, comfortable and confident. Our employees are longtime participants in the WAT USA program and they are ready to provide our customers the power and beauty of the acumen American model of servicing in Bulgaria.

We strongly believe that through our programs we offer the opportunity for the younger generation to acquire professional development, and global experience. We also believe that every young person deserves to travel, to learn and to grow, to meet different people, to build friendships with members of other cultures and to be able to take care of themselves. Our mission is to encourage the youth to take advantage of exclusive programs for international cultural exchanges and internships abroad. Our programs are varied and are structured in a way that makes them suitable for young people who are ready to conquer new horizons, make new friends and gain foreign experience.

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