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“Bolgarskyi dom” (“Bulgarian Home”) is a unique luxury, full-color edition magazine providing helpful tips and information to Russian citizens interested in tourism and permanently living in Bulgaria. Based on this “Bolgarskyi dom” confirmed itself as tourist and information guide among Russians for six years. The magazine is entirely in Russian language and is distributed within the territories of Russia and Bulgaria.It is issued with the assistance ofBulgarian Embassy in Russia.
Fundamentally “Bolgarskyi dom” introduces to its readers, all the tourist destinations and properties in our country, however, with the increasing interest of the Russian population residing here, we are commited to familiarize them with products and services in Bulgaria, that are on top category.
In this direction, I believe that we can be mutually beneficial to you and your clients, promoting the most important needs and services – including food processing plants, telecomunication companies, car dealers, domestic services, transport companies and etc. In general any idea that could possibly be in favor for our auditory - living and developing bussines in Bulgaria.

We are the shortcut to the russian part of the population - those who are here permanently or on vacation and those who intend to make Bulgaria their second home!

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"Bulgarian Home" magazine

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