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Welcome to “Art Souvenirs”- Experience the magic of Bulgarian traditions, culture and music...

Ethno-shop 'Art Souvenirs' offers a wide range of souvenirs each of them being one of a kind and most importantly- made in Bulgaria. Here you will discover beautiful and authentic Bulgarian souvenirs- products of hard work and a lot of love which have preserved the customs and traditions of our country. Each souvenir is hand-made by a Bulgarian craftsman.. .

If you ever feel the need to be patriotic and rediscover your country, then 'Art Souvenirs’ is your place. As for our foreign guests- they will have the chance to take home a piece of the multifaceted Bulgarian art. All are welcome and we are certain that you will leave the shop smiling. 

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Burgas, 47 "Aleko Bogoridi" str.
Coordinats : 42.49393082, 27.47847748
Art Souvenirs

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Phone: +359 878 843 161

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