"Via Egnatia"


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Via Egnatia Ltd guarantees you a secure road to the world of real estate and partnership. We are young ambicious professionals, who will make their best to guide you on your way to your new Bulgarian piece of property.
Via Egnatia Ltd offers consulting and intermediary services for the process of purchase, rental or management of a real estate property.
Via Egnatia LTD hold out a full packet of consulting intermediary and law, services in buying, selling, renting or demising a property:
Mediation for buying a real estate
 Mediation for selling a real estate
 Mediation for demising a property
Mediation for renting a property
Co-operation and organization in getting a bank credit for buying a property
Services regarding the managing of a property
Law services in connection with the property deals
Investment consulting
Preparation of necessary documents for property transactions
Cooperation for building  and repairing of a property / fiancé, teraccotta, ground coat plaster,  pipe installation , electricity, interior desing – fun-shu etc./  
Let us all follow the road of Via Egnatia together.

Find us

Burgas, 56 "Tsar Simeon І" Str.
Coordinats : 42.49662399, 27.47599792
"Via Egnatia"

Contact us

Website: viaegnatia.bg/
E-mail: via_egnatia@abv.bg
Phone: +359 56 82 03 01
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