Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment – Burgas

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The hospital’s mission is carried out in accordance with the current legislation in the country, the international health contracts and conventions, the basic principles of the National Health strategy, as well as the ethical code of the Doctor’s Professional Organisation in Bulgaria. Since its opening, it has been a multiprofile hospital with a dominating regional significance.

Our mission is to increase the quality of health service and to ensure a high quality medical service.

MHAT Burgas offers high quality consultation-diagnostics services and hospital care.

Our team has always endeavoured to bring new methods in diagnostics and treatments.

Our main priority is to keep our position as the leading medical institution in Southeast Bulgaria, and the only hospital in the Burgas area which offers a non-stop urgent and planned medical care.

This is what defines our mission which hasn’t change to this day.

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73 Stefan Stambolov str.
Coordinats : 42.51350021, 27.46603584
Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment – Burgas

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