United Bulgarian Bank


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Correspondence relations:

UBB has established correspondence relations with 849 banks in 91 countries, as well as with 31 banks and foreign branches of financial institutions in Bulgaria. UBB maintains correspondence accounts in twelve different currencies.

Bank services:

Loans in leva and foreign currency
Deposits in leva and foreign currency
Currency operations
Fast and express internal bank transfers
Electronic banking
Cash management for corporate clients
Leva and foreign currency operations and traveller’s cheques
Debit and credit bank cards payments
Collection of moneys
Bank guarantees and letters of credit
Bonds trading
Deposit/trust services
Money transfers through Western Union

Burgas branches:

Burgas, 2 "Ferdinandova" St.

Telephone: 056 / 897 054


Burgas, 131 "Simeon Veliki" Blvd.

Telephone: 056 / 874 705


Burgas, 7 "Demokratsiya" Blvd.

Telephone: 056 / 878 040


Burgas, "Slaveykov" quarter, "Trakiya" Blvd. №125 ground floor

Telephone: 056 / 587 002


Burgas, "Izgrev" quarter, bl. 109 B

Telephone: 056/ 563 100


Burgas, "Meden Rudnik" quarter, Zone A, Bl 416

Telephone: 056/ 878 930

Find us

Burgas, 2 "Ferdinandova" Str.
Coordinats : 42.49350739, 27.47162628
United Bulgarian Bank

Contact us

Website: www.ubb.bg/
E-mail: pr@obb.bg
Phone: +359 700/117 17
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