Medical centre "Saint Sofia"

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Medical centre “Saint Sofia” is the first private clinic in Burgas, equipped with the most modern diagnostics machines. The goal of the clinic founders is to establish it with an uncompromising service quality and a different attitude towards its patients.

At the moment there are over 50 doctors working at “Saint Sofia” – specialists in 20 different areas of medicine. They use modern equipment and state of the art medical machines from leading world manufacturers. They have at their disposal laboratories which can perform all kind of clinical, microbiological and cytological tests. They make diagnostics easier and help us provide the right treatment.

Telephone: 056/ 845 083, 845 081, 0889 895 612

Addres: 8000 Burgas, 13 "Vazrazhdane" Str.


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Burgas, 13 "Vazrazhdane" Str.
Coordinats : 42.49457550, 27.47335434
Medical centre "Saint Sofia"

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Phone: +359 56 845 083
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