The Bezisten

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Walking along the main street, among modern shops, cafes and smiling people, you can’t miss the “old new” Bezisten. It carries with it the spirit of old times and in a romantic way, it makes you feel the atmosphere of the old Burgas, with its unique architecture, vigilantly guarded by the eagle which sits on top of the building’s façade.

Today it houses all kinds of different small shops, offering quality goods at affordable prices. It is very interesting and also very pleasant to walk along the covered passage with shops around you, which, as much as you can’t believe it, always seem to have the perfect gift for yourself or your friend.

You will not only do your shopping but also touch the beauty and spirit of Burgas’ past – this is the Bezisten. Don’t miss it!

The Bezisten is open for you every day between 09:30 and 19:00.

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Burgas, 34 "Alexandrovska" Str.
Coordinats : 42.49303055, 27.47119713
The Bezisten

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Phone: +359
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