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These General Terms of Service govern the relationship between the Municipal Company “Tourism” – Burgas – owner of and any person hereinafter called User, visiting the website and using the services and information provided by By accessing the website of, you accept the conditions set forth. Otherwise, you may not use this internet page. 

Site content

The content (text and multimedia elements) of the web page of is protected by copyright. These texts and multimedia elements are exclusive property of MC “Tourism” – Burgas and/or of their authors and right-holders. Holders of intellectual property rights waive the right of indicating their name or any other indication on the elements they have submitted to this site. It is allowed to use this site, download parts of it to your personal computer or print parts of its content for your personal, non-commercial purposes.  It is allowed to disseminate press messages or other documents, classified as public, in the mass media, provided that the source is quoted.

Accuracy and authenticity of information

This website and its contents are published to the convenience of the Users. MC “Tourism” – Burgas reserves the right to edit the pages of and to limit access to them at any time. MC “Tourism” – Burgas is obliged to take all reasonable measures in order to publish safe and quality information on its pages, however errors and omissions, as well as delay in the data update, cannot be excluded. Comments, opinions and publications of Users or other persons outside MC “Tourism” – Burgas belong to their author. MC “Tourism” is not responsible for their accuracy or authenticity. If you find a discrepancy, error, insult, unconfirmed information or any other similar mistakes, please notify us at

The information, as well as documents, provided through the website, may not be considered authentic copies of official texts.


Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

No warranties, direct or indirect, including but not limited to warranties on rights or their breach; or any indirect warranties on the commerciality or suitability of a given use, are made in connection to the accessibility, accuracy, reliability or contents of these pages. disclaims all responsibility regarding any direct, indirect, accidental, special or purposeful damages or losses and interruption of activity, caused by the use of this service, even if was warned against the possibility of such damages.


Personal and non-commercial use of information is meant exclusively for personal, non-commercial use. No changes, copying, distribution, showing, presenting, reproduction, publishing, authorisation or sale of information, owned by and this website are allowed.



MC “Tourism” – Burgas owns the idea and all applications and modules of this site. Author of all publications and materials in the site is MC “Tourism” – Burgas. If you find copyright violations on our website, please, notify us immediately at, so that we can remove the publication from our website if we cannot reach an agreement with it author or owner.

All texts or parts of texts, as well as images, on this website are owned by MC “Tourism” – Burgas and are protected by the Copyright and similar rights Law.

When using content from the internet pages of, media and partners are obliged to follow the limitations and terms laid out hereby, unless they have agreed differently in a contract.


External links

In order to facilitate your access, may build links to websites on the Internet, owned or managed by third persons. Links to such internet pages are only a recommendation and a potential source of additional information. Since MC “Tourism” – Burgas has no influence over their privacy policy, we hereby disclaim any responsibility for their contents, as well as the accuracy or authenticity of information, published there.


Forbidden and prohibited use

The user has no right to collect information from if it will be used for illegal or unethical purposes, breaching the laws of Republic of Bulgaria, violating personal privacy, or for the preparation of postal lists, spam, unauthorised access and limiting the accessibility to the website for the other Users.


Changes in the Terms of Service

MC “Tourism” – Burgas reserves the right to change these terms at any time without notice. The changes become effective at the moment of their publication on the website. If you do not agree with the Terms of Service, you may terminate your participation as a party in these terms by termination the use and access of the website and destruction of the materials you have downloaded, printed or in any other way acquired from the website.


Privacy policy

The principal of respecting private life is of great significance to The privacy policy regarding processing personal data by institutions is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

Generally, the access to the information, offered at or through this website, does not require you to provide personal data. In some cases, however,, through its official website, its feedback form and the website forum, may collect your personal information. In this sense, will responsibly handle the personal information, which it collects from Users of its official website.


At the moment of providing the information or using certain parts of the website, you agree that may use this information as specified herein:

  • collects personal data only to achieve a specific purpose or provide an electronic service. The information is not used again for purposes, incompatible with the initial ones. The information, which may collect includes: name, address, telephone numbers and fax numbers, e-mail address, IP address and any other related information, which you provide in any way, including via email.
  • It is also possible to collect information for the usage of our services or information, given voluntarily. The personal information is collected at the moment the users register, require information, sign up for events or publish opinions.
  • The information may be acquired indirectly through your IP address, internal pages and the order in which you open them if they have cookies, saved on your computer by the website. This is done automatically. This information is used to improve the website and does not identify you personally in any way.
  • will not sell, give or trade with any personal information, received by users, except in cases when this is required by the law, in case there are parcels, sent to you or if you have given your permission., through it administrators and authorised personnel, will take measures to protect your personal data to a maximum degree.
  • These employees are obliged to treat this information as confidential. Despite the measures taken by, it cannot guarantee that unauthorised third persons will not have access to your personal data.
  • Any person to which the data pertains (“data subject”) has the right to access its own data, as well as to require their correction. The person needs to identify themselves with an ID.
  • It is possible to share certain parts of summarised, non-personal information, with third persons, such as visit statistics or other reference. Such information cannot identify you separately in any way.
  • It is possible to give links (through banners, links, etc.) to sites of third persons. It is possible that their content seems as part of our website, but it is in fact provided by a third person; we do not have any control over it and are not responsible for the information which you will provide these websites. We recommend that you acquaint yourself with the privacy policy of such websites before giving them any personal information of yours.
  • You may refuse to provide your personal information to any of the services, provided by the official site of However, this might mean that will not be able to provide you with the given service.
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