Terms and Conditions of Use of BURGAS CARD

Terms and Conditions of Use of BURGAS CARD

General Principles

These conditions regulate the relations, rights and obligations of the Municipal Enterprise Tourism – Burgas /PUBLISHER/ and every physical or juridical person /USER/, who purchases a valid card BURGAS CARD.

BURGAS CARD is issued by the Municipal Enterprise Tourism – Burgas. The card offers free entry to museums and attractions, free public transport and use of public rent-a-bike system VELO BURGAS, discounts on restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, tickets for events and etc. Updated list of sites and venues, that offer free entry and discounts can be found on the website www.gotoburgas.com. The publisher has the right to change the list with the objects at any time without prior notice. The list with the objects becomes valid seven days after it is published on www.gotoburgas.com. In case of discrepancy between the published list on the website and on other sources – advertising materials, electronic media, press releases and etc., the list on www.gotoburgas.com will be considered valid.


Types of cards, expiration, activation and prices

Card types are defined by the publisher and are separated on the basis of the different USERS and validity duration. Prices of different types of cards are determined by the City Council of Burgas and are valid from the date, specified in the official decision of the Council. The prices of the cards are in Bulgarian lev /BGN/ and include all taxes and charges – the price is final for the USER and he/she does not owe any other fees and commissions.

Each type of card is intended for a certain kind of users. There are cards with discounts for certain type of users /for example students, certain age group and etc./, who are required to verify their status with proper documents and to make it available upon request when purchasing and using BURGAS CARD at each of the sites, where the card is used.

Every card has a validity period (number of days) which is marked on its front side. The activation /the beginning of validity period/ starts with the first use of the card at any of the listed objects. Date and time of activation are reported in the electronic system of the Municipal Enterprise Tourism and also on the card in the specified for this field. The card is valid by the same hour and minute, at which it is activated, on the day, in which the card expires according to its duration.

For example:

In case of activating a card with validity of 1 day at 14.00 h on 01.06.2014 – it will be valid until 14.00 h on 02.06.2014.

In case of activating a card with validity of 3 days at 18.00 h on 01.07.2014 – it will be valid until 18.00 h on 04.07.2014.

The validity of the card is as follows: 1 day card – 24 hours, 2 days card – 48 hours, 3 days card – 72 hours.







In order to be valid, the name of the user and date of activation should be written on the designated place on the card, although the card is also recorded electronically. This data can be also written by an official at the site, where the card is activated.




The card can be used by the person, recorded on the back of the card at all sites from the PUBLISHER’s list. BURGAS CARD is an electronic contactless card and its use is recorded via special equipment at each of the sites. After purchasing, remove the protective aluminum foil and present the card at each attraction or other place you visit.

A card can be used only once for free entry or discount in each object, unless otherwise is stated.

Using BURGAS CARD in public transport or when renting a bike at VELO BURGAS or in stores additional conditions, set by the owners of the objects, providing the services, are applied.

The user has the right to use free services or services with discount, published on the website www.gotoburgas.com. The user has the right to appeal against unfair reporting or non-observance of the discounts, services and free entries, listed on the web site.

The user has the right of entering the objects only during their fixed working time. The PUBLISHER and the listed sites and venues keep the right in case of force majeure circumstances, need of urgent repair works or other reasons beyond their control, to deny access to an object. In such cases the PUBLISHER and the objects are not subject to penalties or refunding the value of the cards.


Other conditions

BURGAS CARD can be purchased online. After purchasing BURGAS CARD, it will not be delivered to the address of the USER. The card should be received from a place, specified by the PUBLISHER on making the online order. BURGAS CARD, purchased online, is non-transferable and non-refundable. When receiving the card from the specified by the PUBLISHER place, personal identification will be required and verification with the personal data, recorded in the online order, will be made, otherwise delivery of the cards may be refused. The USER is obligated to sign up a written statement, which certifies acceptance and delivery of the ordered card.

Lost, stolen and damaged cards are non-refundable and not recoverable by the PUBLISHER.

In case of attempts for forgery or other kind of fraud, the PUBLISHER has the right to withdraw the card and to inform the competent authorities for that.  

These terms can be modified without prior informing, unilaterally by the PUBLISHER. After any change in the Terms they become valid seven days after their publication on the website www.gotoburgas.com.

The Bulgarian legislation shall be applied in case of litigations. The specified here clauses do not revoke the consumer’s rights, regulated by the law. 

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