Public transport

Public transport

Public transport in Burgas is a well-developed and convenient way to get around, which will bring you to any point of the city, quickly and easily. Inner city and suburban lines in Burgas are served by municipal company “Burgasbus” Ltd. 

The implementation of "Integrated Urban Transport in Burgas" project has brought the city improved infrastructure, modern buses and new transport network which relieves the traffic significantly and reduces the harmful particles in the air. 

Electronic ticket system is implemented since November 2016. There are various travel packages and also tickets that can be purchased directly in the bus. You can see the rates for electronic ticket system HERE.

You can send suggestions to improve the transport service in Burgas, reports and complains, which will get a quick and specific answer on e-mail:

More information about public transport in Buras can be found on the web site of "Burgasbus" Ltd.


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