About Burgas

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About Burgas

“The sea bring together all things from afar”

John Exarch, Bulgarian medieval author


To experience Burgas is to experience your dreams.

The caress of the salty sea breeze, the scent of the sea, that little bit of quiet, filling the tiny, huddled streets, the smiling eyes welcoming you…

This is Burgas –

…the city, open to everything new

…the city with the most beautiful lakes

…the city, which gave birth to artists and then gave them to the world

…the city, whose festivals attract huge audiences from near and far

…the city, in which you would like to have a glass of wine in the evening at the beach and to watch the sunrise – still there, at the beginning of the sea…

Burgas will make you laugh, to walk barefoot on the sand…, to fall in love…, to be you…

and it will definitely make you want to come back.


It is our pleasure that you are in Burgas.

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