Diagnosis: Edith Piaf

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- 10 November 2015

* All performances start at 19.00 o'clock

Diagnosis: Edith Piaf! Who is sick? And of what?

This isn't a play about the biography of Edith. Or not just for her. Because the truth about the nature of talent often is not only the biography.

A man had the good fortune to watch Edith Piaf live and told us that this little woman seemed immense during concert... purely physical.

Who can recreate on the scene the incomprehensibility of the stars. Someone crazy or another star? Stars that make us dream.

Today, Internet has made the world smaller, we literally live among the stars, smell like their perfume, we know not only the color of their eyes, but also the color of their sheets, we're going crazy with desire to be like them. And all of this is possible if someone gives us the right diagnosis.

Diagnosis: Edith Piaf!


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Diagnosis: Edith Piaf

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