International handball tournament "Todor Hankov"

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2 - 3 September

Sports hall "Mladost"

Participating teams: "Parhim" /Germany/, "Lokomotiv" /Varna/, "Spartak" /Varna/, "Dobrudja" /Dobrich/ and the hosts "Fregata" /Burgas/.

First group: "Lokomotiv" and "Fregata". Second group: "Spartak", "Dobrudja" and "Parham".

The tournament is part of the events marking "Burgas - European city of sports 2015".

Start: 12:30 on September 2

Official opening: 16:30 hours on September 2

The final match, in which the winners of both groups will meet, is on 3 September from 12:45. Right after it at 14:00 hours is the official ceremony.

The event is with free entry.


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Спортна зала "Младост"
Coordinats : 42.51881409, 27.45763779
International handball tournament "Todor Hankov"

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