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On 30 August 2015 the Sea garden in Burgas will transform into a huge sports ground for some of the greates Bulgarian athletes. Theresa Marinova, Yordan Yovchev, Titi Papazov, Evgeni Ivanov are only a part of the big names of Bulgarian sport, which will take part in the initiative, organized by Nestle Bulgaria and Municipality Burgas.

The start of the initiative will be given at 10:00 hours. Towards the Pantheon monument in the Sea garden will depart three parallel marches - with a bicycle from the Pier in the Sea garden, with roller-skates and skateboard from Graphic base Burgas and pedestrian march from Cultural center "Sea casino". The three marches will gather in front of Pantheon monument, where together with some of the most loved Bulgarian athletes and popular personas will do things in the Sea garden and the city beach.

During the whole day by the sea will be organized dozens of family games, volleyball, football, water polo, Heal Fit Gymnastics, Beat-Box, Zumba, cooking, Kangoo Jumps and fun for family pets. Theresa Marinova will be mentor of the kid's athletics in partnership with the Bulgarian athletics federation. Yordan Yovchev will lead the pedestrian match, and the singer Angel Kovachev will share skills with a skateboard. Evgeni Ivanov will participate in the volleyball tournament, organized on Central beach, Leo and Sandra Aleksieva will show their culinary skills and give ideas for balanced eating, and all fans of the Beat-Box will have the chance to learn from Skiller.

The big final of LIVE ACTIVELY! in Burgas will be at 18:30 hours in front of the Pantheon monument, where a concert will be held with Lora Karadjova, Rafi, Leo, Igrata, Skiller, Santra, Kristina Doncheva, Angel Kovachev, Pavel and Ventsi Vents.

Movement, sport, competitions, game for balanced eating, cooking, dancing, music and family relay-races are only a part of the ideas, which volunteers from the whole country can join on the site and be a part of the jubilee program of the events in the campaign. All, who want to receive more information about LIVE ACTIVELY!, can do so in Facebook ( or at the site of the initiative .


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