Concert of Lili Ivanova

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The definition prima of the pop music really suits Lili Ivanova. Her career, which began more than four decades ago, is distinguished with exceptional professionalism, and her talent makes her an idol for several generations.

During the years she works with composers like Mitko Stherev, Angel Zaberski and Toncho Rusev, and her songs are from verses by Yavorov, Kiril Hristov, Damyan Damyanov. Her first almbul Amore Twist is followed by 33 more. In the last Chasten sluchai (Private case) and Vetrove (Winds) she experiments with rock, jazz and ethno. Live Lili Ivanova is always exceptional – whether in big concert halls or in clubs.

Summer theaterBurgas20:00 hours28 August



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Burgas, Summer theater
Coordinats : 42.49851227, 27.48249435
Concert of Lili Ivanova

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