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Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

The author is sympathetic to the political struggles of his home country Italy. The great Italian transforms his music into a weapon and creates his third opera Navuhodonosor. Better known as Nabucco, it stands out with its dramatics and dynamics and follows the story of one tragic love. Against the background of the religious wars between Babylon and Jerusalem, where in the central spotlight are the people, two women battle for the heart of their chose one – Ismaele. Which weapon is stronger – the devotion of Fenena or the unscrupulousness of Abigaille?

Conductor: Ivaylo Krinchev

With: Maryan Yovanovski, Georgi Sultanov, Gabriela Georgieva, Delyan Slavov, Shmilena Sultanova and others.

Summer theaterBurgas20:30 hours29 August

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Burgas, Summer theater
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