"La Traviata"

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Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

The young Alfredo Germont awakens deep feelings in the heart of the Paris courtesan Violetta Valery and makes her abbandon her previous frivolous life.

But not long after his father arrives George Germont, who wants to seperate the young lovers. The noble Violetta bids farewell to her lover, without telling the reason. But soon the father, tormented by remorse, tells the truth to his son. However Violetta is dying...

Conductor: Ivan Kojuharov

With: Veselina Vasileva, Daniel Damyanov, Mavryan Yovanovski, Magdalena Georgieva and others

Summer theaterBurgas20:30 hours26 August

Tickets: ticket-desk State opera Burgas


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Burgas, Summer theater
Coordinats : 42.49851227, 27.48251534
"La Traviata"

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