"Don Carlo"

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Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

The opera presents the struggle of the Italian people for freedom, as well as the bitter squabble between the temporal and ecclesiastical power in Italy, which impede the unification of the country. For his work Verdi stated that: "This opera is born amidst fire and blazes".

Conductor: Ivaylo Krinchev

With: Ivaylo Djurov, Kaludi Kaludov, Niko Isakov, Dimitar Stanchev, Delyan Slavov, Yonna Jelezcheva, Daniela Dyakova, Miglena Slavova, Lyubomir Todorov

Summer theater, Burgas20:30 hours, 22 August

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Burgas, Summer theater
Coordinats : 42.49851227, 27.48250008
"Don Carlo"

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