Swimming marathon

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16 August

Island "Saint Anastasia" - The Pier

In the marathon can participate anyone from the age of 14 to 60 years old. For those, who are under 18, the consent and signature of their parents is needed.

On the day of the competition from 7:00 hours at Sea station the participants must pass a compulsory medical check-up.At the same place instructions will be given by the organizers. The registration will end in 8:30 hours. After that the participants will be transported by a ship to island St. Anastasia, where the start will be given at 10:05 hours.The distance, which the competitors will have to cover, is 6 400 meters. The swimmers can swim in any chosen style. Subsidiary objects like flippers, boards and others are not allowed. The swimming time is fixed to a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes after the finish of the winner. The final of the marathon is the slab of the Pier.

The first 8 in the final standings in men and women category will receive awards: 1st place - 1000 leva, 2nd place - 600 leva, 3rd place - 400 leva, 4th place - 300 leva, 5th place - 250 leva, 6th place - 200 leva, 7th place - 150 leva, 8th place - 100 leva.


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St. Anastasia island - The Pier
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Swimming marathon

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